New Rooms

When I think about what composing means for me, I would say it has a lot to do with making decisions about how to use my materials. Making decisions also means deciding what you are definitely not going to use, which means drawing a line on the map and saying to yourself, O.K. that's a line I'm not going to cross when I write this new piece.
When you build something you have to take pegs and string and stake out in the earth where you want the rooms to be. But before you build anything, one room has to be already standing, the one where you pencil plans and affect how the final thing will look.
With every new piece I do, the plans change completely. They even change within one piece, from movement to movement, from part to part and from layer to layer.
I like what happens in a building when the various rooms turn out to be very different from each other. It's not about showing people how incongruous everything's got to be, it's about sometimes having no other option but to create things that are incommensurable.

Alexander Stankovski, edited and translated by Stephen Ferguson