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Wolfgang Suppan is a young composer who has gone into great depths with the computer, but it only bubbles to the surface occasionally in his music, which is full of precise, bright short movements and unexpected moments. His seriousness as an artist belies a deep, musical and human warmth.

Johanna Doderer In her music there is often a mix of a classical gestures which work very well on the instruments, and "painting over" of this music with extreme writing which is explosive and highly emotional. Her expansive compositions have a sense of drama which is extended yet ultimately satisfying.

Alexander Stankovski In contrast with the stringency and precision of his music, which has something of the transparency of late Nono, Stankovski surprises with his openness towards dancefloor culture, his political stridency and his advocacy of internet as a vehicle of music.

Nancy van der Vate Nancy van de Vate has lived and worked for many years in Vienna. Her music is craftswomanly, and recent productions of her opera All Quiet on the Western Front in Osnabruck have shown that her energies are brimming full. She was only the second woman in the United States to receive a doctorate in composition.
Music for Classical Instruments

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