Alexander Stankovski In contrast with the stringency and precision of his music, which has something of the transparency of late Nono, Stankovski surprises with his openness towards dancefloor culture, his political stridency and his advocacy of internet as a vehicle of music.

Bertl Mütter Austria's master improviser uses his voice, trombone and body as a single instrument that draw on classical performance art, Mahler and about any other sound Muetter cares to include. He ingests sound then releases it. A delight to watch and hear.

Thomas Dézsy Electronic is perhaps too small a word for Dézsy's approach to sound, which is inspired by recording (for example, of melodious speech) and his experience of the many musical tongues of theatre. An eclecticist, yes, but one who has found his own voice.

Robert M Wildling is a fine pianist and his speed and fluency on the piano reflects in his richly textured and virtuosic compositions, which are written for advanced instrumentalists - and listeners.
Music with Vocals