Katharina Klement Few pure composers for piano are able to produce such delicious results from the innards of the Klavier as Katharina Klement, yet the piano is only the starting point for her material, and she goes on to use the computer to create her piano-born electronic worlds which are all her own.

Bertl Mütter Austria's master improviser uses his voice, trombone and body as a single instrument that draw on classical performance art, Mahler and about any other sound Muetter cares to include. He ingests sound then releases it. A delight to watch and hear.

Martin Siewert Siewert is a guitarist who has absorbed the languages of jazz and rock and he carries these off to new regions where his European background transform them into something quite unfamiliar. An musician with presence on stage and in person.

Angela Berann One of Austria's leading percussionists, she blends a variety of rhythmic invention with a sense of colour, deriving her sound palette from traditional and ethnic instruments.

Elisabeth Schimana Just Do It - that is Elisbeth Schimana's motto and she plunged into the high IQ world of electronic music without timidity. Particularlily in her work for Kunstradio, Austria's global radio art program, she brings sensitivity and emotional warmth to this sometimes all too cerebral art form.
Improvised Music