Music with Non-Classical Instruments

Christian Utz Unlike many composers who have incorporated Oriental music into their art, Utz studied Chinese language and lived in Taiwan before he embarked on his crossover music. He has used chinese master players and instruments in the art music context to tremendous effect.

Jorge Sánchez-Chiong Little direct reference to his Native South America is heard in Sanchez-Chiong's music, but his mellifluous and fleeting Spanish sets the pace for his dissonant and yet emotionally approachable works, which, mixing jazz and new classical sound, are never afraid to venture into the extreme regions of musical expression.

Angela Berann   One of Austria's leading percussionists, she blends a variety of rhythmic invention with a sense of colour, deriving her sound palette from traditional and ethnic instruments. Her exuberant playing is paired with Austrian film composer Heinz Leonhardberger's glossy production skills.