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Wolfgang Mitterer Wolfgang Mitterer at home... in the composer's well-stocked studio in Vienna's third district, Mitterer performed and explained his work to the aAmplify team, extemporising on a kalimba with the agility of an organ virtuoso. His electronic music is known for its vibrancy and disregard for schools and conventions.

Karlheinz Essl has fashioned his electronic music using the most modest of means - a laptop, software, a few manual controllers and a mixer. Yet his is an elaborate world and he is able to weave musical tales that last and last. He is also an impressario of new music and musical director of the Essl Museum near Vienna.

Rupert Huber works within creative duos, using sampler and sequencer like a master engraver to etch out transparent soundscapes. He is equally at home in abstract music or stylish trip-hop, whether in Berliner Theorie with co-composer Sam Auinger, doyen of Austria's kunstradio scene, or with Dorfmeister, of Kruder and Dorfmeister fame, in the trip-hop formation Tosca.

Katharina Klement Few pure composers for piano are able to produce such delicious results from the innards of the Klavier as Katharina Klement, yet the piano is only the starting point for her material, and she goes on to use the computer to create her piano-born electronic worlds which are all her own.
Electronic Music