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Olga Neuwirth Olga Neuwirth is one of the most successful composers of her generation, not only in Austria but across the globe. She reveals herself to be an very entertaining and intelligent spokesperson of her music, which she describes as being "vivid, labyrinthic, irritating, sometimes dark and hopefully self-ironic."

Johannes Maria Staud Staud's whole manner is of lightness and warmth, and he could effortlessly pass as a DJ. But his compositions show that he hides another world behind this exterior, one full of the riches and depths of the Central European tradition of musical modernism.

Clemens Gadenstätter Gadenstätter has a flautist's inside knowledge of the large ensemble, and he puts it to use. A rising star of orchestral composition, whose fragment compositions present exquisitely orchestrated islands of sound linked by delicate percussion and other carefully-wrought details.

Simeon Pironkoff The Bulgarian, who has adopted Vienna as his home, presents here some of his hypervirtuosic chamber music, which despite its difficulty and use of the range of avantgarde technicques, is never without its playfulness and theatrical elements.
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